There is no one box that could hold Tiger Darrow’s Aqua Vitae. The record feels like multiple genres cohesively combined, though Tiger herself considers her genre to be “alternative folk” music. With a similar sound and feel to ladies like Cara Salimando, Regina Spektor, and St. Vincent, Tiger’s personal style and voice come through clear and strong. Aqua Vitae makes it clear that Tiger has a gift for building a song. Her lyrics are visually stimulating and her varied vocals make them fantastically, audibly interesting too. Her vocals range from ethereal and tenuous, to powerful and precise, all of which can be heard layered within single songs.
There are a few stand out tracks on Aqua Vitae: "Lost and Found" bounces and flows charmingly, with a chorus that backs up its claim with a powerful drum beat.  "Love Me Blind" adds a welcome harder and darker shade to the record, while “Home” is a simply just a beautifully poetic story you can’t refuse.  Tiger is definitely onto something.  With three albums and a world of experience under her belt already, it’ll be really interesting to see what’s next…”
Anna Leuning, "it should be said" (Nov 04, 2013)

Aqua Vitae is Latin for "water of life." 

This album is an exploration of the different facets of relationships, whether romantic, platonic, wonderful, terrifying, or even with the inanimate through the symbol of water. 

Just as water is a necessary resource for life, I believe our relationships and interactions, not just with others, but with our surroundings and the elements that make up the foundation of our lives is equally as necessary. These interactions are what create a fluidity in our routines, our thinking, our creativity, and our inspiration and curiosity. They nourish us and help us to grow. 

Aqua Vitae also means brandy. 

Sorry to get all thesis-y sounding. 

This record would not have been possible without the help of my amazing, incredibly talented team of artists, producers, and engineers who so generously donated their time and talents to make this record as beautiful as I feel it is. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough for making my dreams and visions as a songwriter come to life. And an equally special "thank you" is due to Phil Galdston, Dr. Robert Rowe, Dr. Ron Sadoff, and my family for providing me with constant encouragement and support throughout the writing and recording process. I love you all. 



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